GÜLSAN Packaging, which has been in the plastic packaging sector for over 30 years and has been able to maintain its service quality during this time, continues to give its services on its  corporate website.

We constantly increase our capacity and add new activities to our existing production activities with our team which is committed to quality standards. As a result, we continue our operations as one of leading companies in our sector. 

Bringing together the experience we gained in the sector for years and an energetic, dynamic and high quality production understanding, we have successfully completed many projects since we were founded and continue to develop day by day. To align with the changing world and life conditions, we keep up with latest developments, use modern technological networks and give importance to customer satisfaction on a large scale.


We are a plastic packaging firm operatinğ on the production of different kinds of plastic bags. We produce and sell these products, which are used in different fields, in line with our customers’ needs.


The product range of Gülsün Packaging is grocery roll bag, case bag, carrier bag and plast paper

Grocery Roll Bags: These are used by customers in the fruit and vegetables section, bakery section, meet section and other necessary sections.

Case Bags: They are used as shopping bag in grocery shops and at other sales points.

Carrier Bags: These bags help carry any product or personnel belonging.

Plast Papers: They are packaging products usually used in meet and delicatessen sections.

The Gülsan Packaging Firm is very careful in the production stage and aims to achieve a faultless and flawless production. We overly care about our costumers’ right to high quality shopping and continuously work to manage a flawless process.

Gülsan Packaging carries out its production activities with full automatic machines and give utmost importance to the quality of its production means. All controls in both pre-production and post-production are meticulously made, and thus the quality control process is implemented. Before the sales stage, products, which have gone through a flawless process, are packaged in a controlled way and sent for the delivery.   

All stages of our production process is transparent. Our products reach our costumers in a transparent process.


We make sure you that we will produce the best and do whatever we can for this.